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Recherche scientifique et développement technologique

The University of Sétif 1 – Ferhat Abbas places the utmost importance on scientific research. It boasts a significant number of professors - researchers of various ranks who conduct research in 47 scientific laboratories in various specializations and fields, contributing to numerous specialized scientific journals. The University of Sétif 1 has published a total of 6,508 scientific articles in international journals. Additionally, it has registered 340 university training research projects (PRFU) that are currently in effect.

The university has a research unit dedicated to emerging materials, including 14 research projects with economic and social impact. Scientific research is a top priority for the university, and it has made significant strides in this field. As a result, its researchers have obtained 16 patents in various areas, particularly in the fields of precision technologies, physics, chemistry, and others.

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